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Hiahli is a live hip-hop band that plays rock n roll instruments. This Minneapolis-based group formed in 2020.

The high-octane MC Cold Sweat delivers his Golden-Age Hip-Hop lyrics over a variety of musical stylings.  In addition to the usual fatback rhythms, you may hear some undercurrents of outlaw country, disco, and grungy rock.  Hiahli is also known to throw in a few deep covers from the archives of hip-hop. 

They obtained several grants through The Arts Partnership (Fargo, ND) to produce a series of studio recordings with accompanying video content.

Since live musical events have resumed, Hiahli has shared the stage with well-known regional acts such as Brother Ali, Dessa, and Jon Wayne & The Pain.


Hiahli consists of:

- Ryan Tetzloff (Cold Sweat) - Vocals 

- Jason Boynton - Bass

- Matty Johnson - Electric guitar & Vocals

- John Kapla - Drums

- Anthony Price - Turntables

- Keith Thornby - Keyboard, Synth, Saxophone

- Lauren Nelson - Road Manager

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